Friday, June 18, 2010


Summer is here! I am still pretty tired from Bead and Button. It seems like I was going non-stop for 10 straight days... Totally worth every minute though!
Whit came home with a new hammock for me today.... this is where I plan on getting some much needed R & R!

I am looking forward to this summer. I have nothing planned that I "have" to do for a month and a half! Lots of time will be spent in my studio just exploring some new techniques and ideas in glass and silver. I am going to take some silversmithing classes this summer with some friends and will be learning some new techniques. I am really looking forward to extending my skills. I have some great ideas for some steam punk jewelry. Looks like I will have Whit and Jim Moore busy designing me some new tools! So many things I want to learn!

Later in the summer I will be going to Australia to teach. The classes are being held in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Hobart. I feel so blessed that my art allows me to see so much of the world. I was in Australia in 1995 and am really looking forward to seeing some new places that I haven't been. I love meeting new people and making new friends all over the world.

Last time I was in Australia I went to Ayers rock (Uluru),
what an incredible place. I won't be going there this time around... but hopefully on another trip I will visit it again!

I am hoping to see some of these and other amazing animals on this trip!

Well that's it for this update... I will keep you posted on things as they progress! Have a great weekend and Father's Day!


Nicole said...

You know you are killing me with those pictures!

Libby Leuchtman said...

Miss you already. Totally didn't get enough time to just hang with you and Nic.

Andrea Guarino-Slemmons said...

Nicole you know you "need" to come with!

Libby I miss you too! Come on out and lets play!!!!

Jacquie Campbell said...

Hey Bud if you come and visit me you'll see plenty of amazing birds, all pretty colours too. I'll even take you to Healesville Sanctuary to see some other cool Aussie critters.

Sam Ryder said...

Andrea, that is so exciting! Although I am not a lampworker myself (one day...), I am a lampwork junkie. I think it is fantastic that you will come all the way out here to share your skills. Thankyou so much for coming, and I hope that you have a fantastic time. PS You know you've seen more of Australia than I have, and I was born here :-/ Isn't that always the way?