Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting Bigger!

I love watching this eaglet grow! I hope you are enjoying these photos as much as I am! I look forward to getting updates on them. How awesome it must be to be able to watch this firsthand and take these amazing photographs! Thanks for sharing them! They are awesome!
Just look at those feathers emerging..... I wonder how much longer before its first flight.

This has become another one of my favorite photos!

Looks like it was bird for lunch today.....

I will continue to update you with the eagles progress!

Tomorrow is silver day in the studio... I have some new techniques I am excited about playing with. Some new tools are being made for me this week and am looking forward to working with them. Lots of experimenting going on in the next few weeks ... hopefully I will have some new and exciting photos to share with you soon!

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petrajanssen ♥ goldenfairycottage said...

Good morning, Andrea -

When I started FB today your picture caught my eye ... :)

Thank you so much for sharing ... ♥

Have a good day & enjoy your new tools,