Sunday, June 27, 2010

Love These Guys!

Ava, Justin, Milo and Dawn are here for a few days! We have been having a blast with them. The kids are growing so fast... sure wish we lived closer so we could be more involved in their lives. Ava and I have known each other for 18 years and I consider her one of my best friends ever.

Ava fixed up Milo's mohawk for us today.... and let me tell you he was styling big time!

I love this photo of us but Whit and Dawn were missing...... that would of made it picture perfect! Dawn was busy eating and Whit took the photo!

Ava and I have so many great memories of our past adventures.... and we are looking forward to many more! I may possibly be going to New Zealand with them next year! What an awesome trip that would be.

Dawn says that the lamb is finger licking good!

The kids loving the massage chair!

Milo showing off his pile of bones!

Dawn reading a book on Ava's iphone during dinner! She is high tech!

I will miss them dearly when they leave.... this has been a wonderful visit.


Deb said...

Great to have long time friends, Andrea :) It's looks as though you all enjoyed your time together.

Personally I think that you should turn the 'may possibly' into an 'I am' ;)

Anonymous said...

We love you too! Wish we could stay longer.

Andrea Guarino-Slemmons said...

Deb, you are right! Just need to work on one little schedule conflict than I will!

Ava- me too....... love you!