Monday, December 28, 2009

Gaffer Glass

Just a quick note on Gaffer Glass!

I have been testing some of their powders trying to find some new colors to use to replace the Zimmerman powders I had been using. Gaffer has some really wonderful colors and I know that I will be using them on a regular basis. They have some really great pinks and purples as well as many other. I have only just started playing with them.

I still haven't found anything that will react the same way as the Zimmerman Purple Rose Special powder does though. Maybe Gaffer will come out with a purple that will do that for us! So if you have any of the Zimmerman be sure and hang on to it!

I still have some, limited supply, of the Purple Rose for sale in my Etsy as well as some of the Mountain Blue. I have a very, very limited supply of the Blue Mountain left. So if these are colors that you like you may want to get some before they are all gone....

I will keep you updated on my progression with the Gaffer Glass. And by the way........ the Gaffer Girls are awesome and just a joy to work with!!!!

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Unknown said...

thanks Andrea..

can't wait to see what you create..

this is going to be a wonderful year

mona & the girls