Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nice surprise

After sleeping all day Vo picked me up and brought me to their wonderful studio. We were all working getting ready for tomorrows class and we heard some shouting "Eva" and it was Sage! What a wonderful surprise for me. Sage and Beau were teaching her a few days ago and Sage has hung around exploring the area while Beau continued on to Paris.

This is Vo, Sage, and Eva. Vo and Eva own this wonderful studio and are just the nicest couple, I am looking forward to spending time with them.

And this is me and Sage eating all of the wonderful chocolate that they bought!

When I walked into their shop I said "this is like a kid walking into a candy store". They have every kind of glass imaginable! I will get more photos of that later.

I still can't quite get on their time yet, but it is 5 in morning and I have to teach at 9. Maybe tomorrow I can make it till 7am! I will try to get a few more hours sleep now.......

Have a great day everyone! I miss and love you Whit! And Kathy I wish you were here with me too! Maybe all 3 of us will come next year when I teach here again! Oh yea, they already want me back!!!!!!! Lois you really should get busy on that passport!

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Lois Venarchick said...

I couldn't go! Sob!!!! Wish I were there but at least for 2 days I have my house to myself!! Ooooo - that means I can watch a whole TV show and sleep when I want and play in the studio as the spirit moves me! eat chocolate - lots - for me! xxoo, Lois