Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Paparazzi!!!!!

This is Nicole! She was the paparazzi taking the photo so she didn't get to be in it so I thought I would add this one!
Hi Nicole!!!!!

I kinda get the feeling this is what it is like to have the paparazzi around all of the time!
I had a great time joking with the students about all of the cameras! I have finished my second class and again the students were just fantastic. I feel that I have made some new and wonderful friends.........

And this is one of my newest best friends Cairny! She is the sweetest dog....... and does she ever love the lamb! Here you can take you dogs into the restaurants with you and Cairny patiently waits till we are finished for her scraps from dinner!

Hi to everyone back home! I miss you all!


annemarie said...

dear andrea

i like to thanks for the wonderful classe in hamburg. i`m impressed about you and your beadmaking. you`re so famous an lovely!
big hug

you know... my english is terrible......:-)

bea said...

Oh, what a sweet way to spell that word :-)
We spell it the italian way: paparazzi (but they're a pain in the neck)

Keep it up, Andrea!!!!
Luv Bea (Student from the 1st class in Hamburg)

Andrea Guarino-Slemmons said...

Hi Bea! I didn't know how to spell it! Now I know!
It was great meeting you and having you in the class!

Nicole said...

Hi Andrea,
when i see the foto of the class I miss me!
But I had forgotten that I was a Paparazzi too..........
It was a great class and I am looking forward to see you again
Many greetings

Anonymous said...

Thank you Andrea for 2 wonderful days.
I will always remember of you, when I see your awful beads,
thank you so much

Katharina said...

Dear Andrea,
I thank you about this great class, my first class at all. I would like to thank you for this wonderful class in Hamburg. It will be inspiration for me for a very long time. My first class will always take a special place in my mind.
Nice to have met you and to learn from you. You are one so lovely and humorous teacher and woman. I hope someday to be one of your "Papparazzo" again...;-)Until then, I will learn English, to be able to communicate, better than this time..
Kind regards