Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Well I arrived in Hamburg just fine! A bit tired though. We drove around a bit since I couldn't check into the hotel till 2:30. It is a beautiful town, looks like I have a lot to discover while I am here. The only thing that could make it totally perfect is if Whit was with me! I miss you Sweetie!

I will try to keep you updated on my journey.........

not sure what this building is, just thought it was really nice..........

There are many waterways here all throughout downtown. I am looking forward to just walking around town! Today is some kind of holiday so most things are closed.

There is also something going on between the Nazis and the Communists today that is said to get violent..... so I think I may just stick around here for the day and catch up on my rest!

this is an elevator that holds 2 cars and takes you 1200 meters down so that you can go under the river! I asked how much it cost and was told it is free.

the tunnel........

Saw this and thought of Kathy and Devon!

As you can see they are doing lots of building here.

Hope that everyone is doing great!

Hi Theresa!!!!!

Love you Whit!

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Lois Venarchick said...

Hey, You should bring those tunnel pictures back to Seattle; maybe they could put the viaduct underground like that! Stay safe away from the protests! I thought our enemies from WW2, were gone! Sunny here, love, Lois