Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Home Again

I had a wonderful time in Austin teaching for Jim and Rose at Austin Blue Moon. If you are ever in the area..... or even not, this is an excellent place to take a workshop. The studio is excellent, Jim and Rose are just the most hospitable hosts ever and their store has everything you could possibly want!

I taught a lapidary class there and I believe Jim may have the students beads posted on his site. We made galaxy within beads. This is where you make a galaxy bead, add a lot of clear around it and then cover it up with frits, powders or whatever you like. After the bead has annealed we then use lapidary equipment to open windows to the bead to see the galaxy within. The students rocked it!

Me with the wonderful Jim and Rose Berry! I tell ya they are the best!!

I had a day off before my class and Jim taught me how to blow Christmas ornaments! I am totally hooked on making these now! I think I must have made about 2o in a hour and half! Jim is an excellent instructor, he is offering classes there for $65.00 and you get to make 10 ornaments! If you are in the area be sure and check this class out.... bring the family and make it a family affair.

For those of you who know "Uncle Al" he stopped by for the afternoon to visit. I love Al. He has such a kind gentle soul. I always look forward to seeing him on my visits to Austin. He always makes my day!

It is so nice to be in Texas and get to see some of my family as well. On this trip I was able to see both of my sisters and my niece and one of my nephews.

But as always I love coming home!
I had seen this workbench in Costco right before I left for my trip. I asked Whit to see if they still had any left and he told me they had all sold out.... well..... this was waiting for me in my studio when I got home! If any of you are looking for a nice bench to work on (for silver work in my case) this is the bench! The height is perfect!!!

I do believe I have the best friend, life partner and husband in the world!
I love you Whit!

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lynne h said...

oh andrea, this picture of you and al touches my heart so... xoxo