Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Show this Saturday!

Hope to see some of you here!!!!

1st Annual Art Show of new artist's group
Hands On Art is a showcase of the professional, accomplished artists that are part of the "Fearless Experimental Artists" group. The group of 12 artists has been meeting monthly since March of this year. The group formed as a venue to stretch themselves outside of their boxes of the artwork they each create. There is much exploration, laughter, and new artwork created amongst this loose knit group of like minds. They have found this a fun way to stay fresh in their art activities. The show is a great chance to meet these artists, see their work, and see them at work in each of their mediums. The artists participating are Andrea Guarino-Slemmons, Karen Page, Haden Starbuck, Jeannie Fine, Julie Abowitt, Phoebe Huffman, Marlene Newman, and Kath Raymond. They cover a wide variety of mediums from soap to jewelry, to paintings etc.
"Hands on Art" will be 10-4 on Saturday, Nov. 19th, at the Masonic Lodge - 1338 Jefferson.

On another note... I have had several requests to go back to this format for my blog so that people can see my links to other blogs....

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