Sunday, November 27, 2011

Now that was FUN!!!

Today was a typical Northwest rainy kind of day. I woke up with a cold..... but decided it would be a great day to be in the studio. So out to the studio I go.... I was playing with making some rings with gypsy set rubies. Well it wasn't really going all that well. I think I will take a class and see if I can learn the correct way to do this instead of my made-up way!

So then I get a text from a good friend saying that she is going to the casino.... and do I want to meet her and her sister there... Well am I ever glad that I decided to go!!! WOW this was so much fun!!! I walked out of there ahead $1,700.00!!!! I am putting this money away for Tucson, it is more than enough to cover my airfare, rental car, hotel and food! I don't go to the casino very often but I have to admit the casino has been awful good to me this year!

Tomorrow I plan on making some galaxy within beads to get ready for my upcoming trip to Austin. They should be done by Tuesday and I will take a few photos to show ya!

Have a great week my friends!

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kathyd said...

that is so fun !!!