Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vacation continues....

Continuing my vacation...

Today we went whale watching and spent the afternoon in Friday Harbor. We can see the islands from our home but rarely see the whales come by. Some friends of ours own a whale watching boat and invited us to go out today. The weather couldn't have been more perfect! We saw a group of about 9 whales including a baby.

A harbor seal that hangs out in the marina in Friday Harbor. Her name is Popeye. She is blind in one eye .... she has been hanging out here for years. There is a fish stand close by and people buy herring and feed her. Popeye had a pup this year but we didn't see it this trip.

The baby breaching!
You can see the splash from the mother that breached just before the little one.

I love taking photos of skies....

Matt took this photo of the boat... I really like it! Thanks Matt!

Stay tuned for more of the vacation as it continues!

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perlaperla said...

Wow, Andrea - looks like paradise... Here in Switzerland it is hot - no paradise ;-) just 36°C

Enjoy your break!