Thursday, June 11, 2009

Saying goodbye.....

Well I am off...... Towanda was in the window waving goodbye to us....

Whit is already taking excellent care of her with fresh picked catnip and cat mint! 

I will miss both of them terribly! I am sure that I will be coming to look at this post often on my trip!


Lois Venarchick said...

What window was Towanda in that is edged in blue paint? She couldn't get outside? Have a fun trip - I will miss you! xo, Lois

annemarie said...

dear andrea

the cat is so cute and i`m sure she`ll miss you too:-)
have a nice trip in hamburg, amsterdam ...

best regards

( english....:-))) )

Angela Liane Wagner said...

Dear Andrea,

hope you are back well and you have enjoy the fabulouss trip.
Next class at Hamburg I will be healthy, to see you again.

Friendly regards,