Thursday, July 17, 2008

In search of lilies!

We have some friends visiting with us and decided to go for a hike today.

We drove to the top of Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park today and as we were getting out of the car we ran into Michael Barley!( Of course he hiked 10 miles to the top and was getting ready to start the 10 mile hike back down! )
We were just going to go for a little hike like maybe a mile or so...... but Michael told us about a field of glacier lilies and said they were just a mile or so away, so off we went in search of these lilies!

Well we hiked at least 1 1/2 miles and still no lilies..... we would stop people on the trail and ask and they would say "oh just about another 20 minute walk", this happened about 3 times! We had such a great time laughing about all of this. Well Michael was so right, there were lilies everywhere!

here is a daisy and lupin on our way in search of the lilies.....

These I have no idea of the name

or this one........

Finally a field of glacier lilies!!!!!!

Today was just great....... nature is so incredible!

Tomorrow....... maybe kayaking! Depends on the winds in the afternoon!


Carol said...

Oh my goodness !!! What incredible pictures ! The first flower that you didn't know the name of I think is called Creeping Phlox. I have some pink varieties.
Your "hike" looked amazing. I expect some kayaking pictures too, girlie !!

Andrea Guarino-Slemmons said...

We did go kayaking today...... I took a few photos and will post them tomorrow!

This hike was sooooo amazing! We may go back this week and hike a different trail. The weather has just been perfect here! I can't think of a more beautiful place than the Northwest in the summer.

Andrea Guarino-Slemmons said...

Carol you need to come back and go hiking and kayaking with us!

Carol said...

I think I'll just plan on coming out to PT every July !!! lol Of course if we're going to hike in the mountains, I'll have to know what the altitude is !! *wink*