Thursday, July 3, 2008

All in one Day!!!

Today was an incredible day! We went whale watching. We left from Port Townsend and went to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands. It was raining when we left and we were worried how the day would be. Well it was great! There were a lot of Orca Whales........

This Minky whale kept showing up with the Orcas.

An immature eagle, probably about 3 years old, it hasn't got its white head yet!

An eagle's net on the shore, it is rare to see them on a beach!

There is a tufted puffin in this photo...... hard to get close to them!

A momma carrying her little one around! She is really holding on tight!

They were so cute.....

And to finish it off a beautiful sunset from home!

I love where we live!

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lynne h said...

hi andrea!

oh my goodness, this *was* a beautiful day... all of those whales, all of that water, the sunset... and the racoons...

i will check your blog too... i didn't know you had one! and an etsy store!

it looks life is good for you too!