Monday, June 9, 2008

Had a Great Time in Milwaukee

First I thought I would show you the great pair of earrings that Whit bought for me! He knows how much I love Ravens!

The show was great as always, the Bead and Button Staff (Marlene and Kevin, we always look forward to seeing you two, and of course Linda and Joel!) were great as always, the customers great as always......... etc....... The weather was another matter.......

They had a Flame On for Breast Cancer and there must of been about 40 lampwork artists in one room making beads and such for the live auction, we had so much fun doing this, everyone was really getting into it and having a great time! They raised over 25,000 is what I was told, isn't that great!

We ran into so many great people.......
Had a great time visiting with Anne Mitchell, man she taught a ton of classes! And Stacy came and hung out with all of us...... Hi Stacy! We laughed so hard with Penny Michelle and Kim..... and I loved getting to draw in Penny's cool Raven book, wish we lived closer! Kate McKinnon signed and gave me one of her great new books! Chris Silva is always such a joy to spend time with. Had a great dinner with Leah Fairbanks, Derrick, Tara and Ilana. We talked about our teaching trip coming up this September in Italy! I already miss Ilana so much! She is one of the kindest woman I have ever met, sure wish Israel wasn't so far away! Frank Scott, his wife Judy, we always look forward to seeing them. Jeff Barber, he is just a great person to hang out with, but he forgot to bring donuts this year! Kathy Walters and Robin from Edmonton....... always a pleasure to see them, they won the auction on ebay that Michael Barley and I are teaching this summer, it is going to be great fun having them here! OH and Donna of Blackberry Beads! She is awesome, we had several dinners together! I was jealous of all of the classes that she got to take! And I got to also visit with Lydia (who is also going to Italy with us), Mick and Gwen from Texas....... Oh I know I am going to forget someone for sure!

Karen Moyer, the next booth over, we had a blast with her on one side and Larry Scott on the other...... Lea Zinke was next to Larry. Wayne Robbins and Judy Mountain, always a pleasure to see them. Jared DeLong had an incredible piece at his table that I was really fighting with myself about........ get it , don't get it, get it........ Towanda may knock it over....... oh get it anyway..... well no I didn't get it. Kathy Johnson who lives in Seattle but I see way more out of the state was there, Isis Ray, Mike Frantz, Jim and Lani, Emiko, Kim Fields (OMG she had the most incredible bird beads), Nancy Pilgrim, always great to see her! Gail Crosman Moore....... oh I know that there are so many more people.......OH Portia and Lynne from the Chicago area, always a pleasure. Michelle, Kerri and Debra (The Canadian Gals) just cracked us up, had us laughing a lot! And Libby, had a great time talking with her! Mary McDuck, she was swamped the whole time! I met lots of LE folks, it is always nice to put faces with the names.... I am sure there are a lot of folks that at this moment escape me...... but as I remember I will add them!

A lot of the gang from Indiana stopped by, it was great to see everyone....... and of course Barbara had to get more tools! LOL Hi Barbara! And Carol Watson and I talked about her coming to Port Townsend to TA for a class in July!

And of course Lois from Port Townsend and Judy!

It was a great show and I look forward to going back next year!

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Lois Venarchick said...

The show WAS great wasn't it!?!!! The weather, well, that is the most excitement I have had at a show in a long time! I can't believe I waited until we were at B&B to finally get a few kryptonite beads for my charm necklace. Good grief, we are almost neighbors and I had to fly half way across the country to get your beads for my Lois Lane lifestyle! HAAHA _ love, Lois