Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter's Masters Class

When I scheduled this class I didn't realize that it was happening over Easter weekend!

What a great group of bead makers. We even had the Easter Bunny (Jim Moore) come to the class with a basket of eggs filled with steel texture tools for each student!

This is Nicole, she was my TA for this class...... I am trying to figure out how to arrange to have her for each and every class I teach! She is awesome!!!!!! Thank you so much Nicole for everything.

Look at Penny, doesn't she look happy! And there is Stosh looking over her notes, by the way she takes the most amazing notes!

Here is Stosh, Chris and Kristen working on coring and capping their beads.

A sampling of the students beads! I will try and take some photos of the second days beads tomorrow. Everyone did fantastic!

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