Sunday, March 9, 2008

Children's Festival!!

Today was all about the kids! It was The Children's Art Festival in Port Townsend. This event happens once a year. There are about 40 different art projects that the children can do, ranging from blacksmithing to face painting!

It is so much fun to go and look at all of the wonderful smiles! The kids leave there with so many things they made, it takes several trips to get everything back to their car.

Whit and I, along with my Dad and Sally volunteered at the bead stringing area. This is a huge event. So many artists and volunteers help to make this happen. Michael Barley is very involved with this project. He will be auctioning off a private class with myself and him soon on ebay. All of the proceeds will go to help the festival so that no child has to pay to attend. I will keep you updated on when the auction starts!

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