Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Too Tired!

Had a great dinner with Anne Mitchell, Gail Crosman-Moore, Stacy and Whit...... really good Mexican Food! Speaking of Anne, I have her books for sale at my booth.......
Too tired tonight to post photos! I will take some more pictures tomorrow...... I have met some wonderful people at the show! Pipyr and Rhonda stopped by today and it was great to meet them.
Isis Ray dropped off some beads at my booth to sell, they are awesome! I also have some of Nicole Valentine's goddesses at my booth as well! Will try to update you some more tomorrow........ have a great night.

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Jette Mørkeberg Henriksen said...

Hi Andrea and Whit,
thanks for your nice reply to our announcement of Leah F's classes at Bifrost in June on Lampwork etc.!
I bet you are busy at the show. Must be fun and hard work. I'll come some day.
It's nearly midnight now, I just came home from supervising Birgitte our new teacher, who teaches our weekly wednesday fusing class. It's a great team. Jens is asleep, he's got the flue. We have had next to no snow so far, only storms, rain and frost on shifting terms. I'm teaching Fusing 2 Class friday to sunday. We are very busy. We went to our summer home last weekend in January. We are going again 22 Feb. with my mother who is to celebrate her brithday there together with us all weekend, providing we still got no snow and bad traffic conditions. It's great to be there at this time of year. The deers come climbing the sandhills and feeding on the grass and heather right next to the house. And there are not many tourists. the storm have again eaten from the beach and sandhills along the beach. Few days ago a bastard Captain has pumped out waste oil from a big ship and app 2000 black ducks are now suffering from the oil on their bodies/feathers near our summer home. The oil is not to be seen from the air, it's so cold that is is probably under the surface of the water and the ducks dive through it when feeding on the musles at the botom of the sea. The ship who dumped the waste oil has not been found. It's probably long gone. It makes me furious. The ducks are still today too alive for success of killing them. By the first shot the flock will be scared and hurry to the sea again. The hunters must wait till they are more sick. They are also to fast for rescue persons to catch them and trying to clean them. And when still the oil has not been found and destroyed or picked up it has no meaning of cleaning 2000 ducks in order for them to go directly to sea and have more oil on again. It's a very bad situation. Nothing can be done really. They will all die and more are expected to come to the shore oil covered to die at last.

So - how was your super tuesday? There is a lot about the election in Danish TV. Exciting.

Monday we have a meeting with famous Architect Mrs Hanne Kjaerholm. She has accepted to come and find out if she thinks its worth while for her and us that she takes on a job as a consultant for some modernizing and extending of our house. Whit, you will love her houses. She is really something. You can look her up on the internet, there are so many web pages telling about her and her carreer. We are so excited to meet her. She creates wonderful rooms and houses.
Now take care both of you.
Love and Joy from us both/Jette

Wishing you luck in Tuscon.