Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fun in the snow in Indiana!

I am loving all of the snow that we got here in Indiana the last few days! The students probably think I am crazy!!!!! It snowed all day yesterday, it was beautiful........ to me anyways!

Angie, one of the students, took this photo when she got home....... where she lived they had mostly ice. It is really pretty though...... thanks Angie for the photos!

Here is the nice studio set-up at Inspired Fire. These are the students from the first class! What a great group of people here........ they have a wonderful organization...... I believe they have about 75 members and sounds like they get together quite often.......

Well today was nice and sunny....... but....... snow is in the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday, and of course that makes me very happy!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a great class Andrea! I had so much fun and learned such cool techniques!!! Thanks again for coming to Indiana to teach!

See you in December,
Robin Koza

Lois Venarchick said...

Yeah! Snow! Just keep it there please until after my
show next weekend! Watch all those ........ puctuations. You will look like you know who! .......
xxoo, Lois

Anonymous said...

Andrea...I LOVE the picture of you in the snow!!! Looks like we might get another 3-6" on Tuesday! Can't say I'm thrilled, but I know you'll be happy!
Your class was by far THE most exciting, informative, & FUN class I've ever taken! You're an excellent instructor and I'm just dying to get back on the torch to play with these new techniques I learned!!

Thanks again and have a safe trip home!
Cathy Brown

Nancy Peterson said...

I really enjoyed your class Andrea and had fun! Thanks so much and enjoy the SNOW!! More is coming.

Nancy Peterson