Sunday, June 3, 2012


Look how beautiful Jen looks! Today I shaved her head for Children's Cancer.... She pledged to shave her head if she could raise $3,000.... and she raised $3,700!!!!

Dinner celebration at my favorite restaurant, Crazy Water, in Milwaukee... was it ever delicious! And Jane and Anne .... tons of laughter let me tell you!!!

Tim McCreight is friggin amazing!!!! These are just some learning pieces from class today... I am having an absolute blast here!!!! I have learned so much in the last 2 day.... and have 3 more to go! (Day one was a soldering class with Chris Hentz that gave me so many ahhh haaaa moments). In Chris's class we made metal beads..... I'll have to post those another time... too tired to find them at the moment...

And another photo of Jen and I right after the shave!!!!

Stay tuned.....

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