Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whale Watching Again

WOW! What can I say..... another magnificent day spent with these amazing animals. Kim Fields and I spent the day on the boat and went on up to Friday Harbor. Kim had never seen an Orca before. It is such a joy to be with someone and see the amazement on their face when they see one for the first time!

I have an opportunity to work on the boat! This is a dream of a life time for me! At one time in my life I had wanted to be a marine biologist.... How cool to be able to go out on a regular basis and see these incredible mammals!

Kim got this great photo of a male spy hopping!

I love taking photos of these whales...... I especially love it when I am able to capture a family!

On the way back to Port Townsend we were lucky enough to spot
a pair of Tufted Puffins!

Today is a studio day...... who knows what Kim and I will come up with!

Have a great day!

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