Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home Again....

Made it home safe and sound on Monday. The show was fantastic for us! My new work went over very well and I came home with very little left. I observed that people with new work did well and those that hadn't changed or added anything new didn't have as good of a show. The attendance seemed about the same as last year. Meet the Teachers was phenomenal!

Our class was great! I will post some photo's later tonight...... for now I am still catching up on things!

I am already looking forward to the show next year! I will be teaching 2 prelude classes...... they will involve both silver and glass!!!!!

Stay tuned!!!!


Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

Once again it was great to be there with you! I'm tired today but had a greta time!

Illaya said...

Glad to hear that you had a good show. I know others were very disappointed with sales this year. Your the theory about having new things was probably right on. Good for you that you are flexible enough to continue to push the envelope on your creativity. Linda Brown