Sunday, March 21, 2010

Turkey - 2010!

I am having a fantastic time here in Turkey! I have fallen in love with this country and the people. Some of the kindest I have ever met.

This is a photo taken from my friend Pinar's home ..... she lives on the Asian side of Istanbul and has an incredible view of The Bosphorus. Tomorrow I will go and explore more of this area and its markets. I have 2 days off till my next workshop.....

These are my students from my first class.... we had so much fun, what a great group of woman...... so much fun to share my knowledge with them~

This restaurant was amazing!!!! I should of taken some photos of the food! Of course I had lamb..... my favorite! In this photo is Mari-Liis from Estonia and Pinar and Ilknur from Turkey. We have been having so much fun together... tomorrow will be another adventure with them! So stay tuned!

Hope all of you are doing great..... All is great here....... I sure miss my sweetie though!!!!!

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