Saturday, August 15, 2009

County Fair Day

Well today we went to the Jefferson County Fair! We always look forward to this every year. Of course we started out by stopping at the food area...... which meant we HAD to have curly fries, elephant ears, funnel cakes, and fried indian bread! Now of course we are all complaining about having upset stomachs!

Next stop is my favorite part of the fair...... the piglets!

There were 10 this year! The last few years there haven't been any so I was very excited to see these little guys!!

A flower that was outside of one of the barns....

So when we returned home and our little critters were waiting for us. I love this photo..... there should be a caption under it saying "I love you Mom"!

After eating all of that junk food I decided I better go for a bike ride.... My friend Nicole and I went riding all around town and on the Larry Scott trail (not named after the bead maker). We ended up going 16 miles..... so I am hoping I burned off some of that junk food!

Now off to the studio for a bit.... I seem to be getting my best work done at night these days......

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