Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My great friend Kathy was here visiting for a while and yesterday we spent the day in Seattle walking and shopping all over! We stopped at The Securities building because Kathy wanted to see the skylights that I had made back in 1995. This is a photo of 9 of them, there are 2 more sets just like this in the main entry of the building. Each panel is about 3 1/2' by 3 1/2'. They took me about a month to finish them. This was the last job I did in my stained glass career!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I knew that you did stained glass, but did not know you did things like that. Thank you for showing the picture. Barbara

Jacquie Campbell said...

Hey you clever lady, next time I'm over I will have to see
some of your stained glass work in person. It looks beautiful, but that's no surprise, hope you are both well - love Jacquie