Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Silver Cored and Capped Galaxy

Another sunny day here! Cold but sunny....... I'll take that sun anyway I can get it!
Well here is a 1/4" hole silver cored and handmade pmc capped bead that I put on ebay tonight.

I have been using Jim Moore's bead press just about everyday this week getting ready for the Tucson show. He has a nice video showing how to use this wonderful machine,
check it out here.

Have a great night everyone!

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Lois Venarchick said...

You sooooooo need to add a line or two to this wonder-full blog!! Dinner was fun and Jacob just loves reading in your car! He is such a wonder-fullllll and funny boy! Wonder what he will be like as a man when he grows up? It is 3:17 am and I can't sleep! Love, Lois