Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Murano

Another beautiful but hot day here in Murano! Check out the rainbow.... talk about picture perfect.

This is right outside our apartment, we have to cross the green bridge and walk down the canal a bit to get to the studio each day....... tough commute but someone has to do it!

We went to the glass museum today and in the courtyard were these glass flowers and the glass bed. The flowers are about 2' tall and the bed is probably about a queen size bed.

You see these mosaic's all over the island..... at first you don't really notice them and once your eye is accustomed to looking at them they seem to pop up everywhere

Laundry day on Murano

Me and Cesare. I took a class with him at Pilchuck in 1993. When we walked into the shop his wife Teresa remembered me from back then. They are so nice........ everyone here is so nice, just look at his smile!

This is part of Cesare's studio. A really awesome studio. He has 5 torches set up in there. He has 2 sons that work with him.

Here is a photo of Carlo and Roberto Dona in their shop with me and Leah. Roberto said "now don't post my photo on your blog" but how could I resist not sharing a photo of a good looking Italian man in his bathrobe?????? Don't kill me Roberto!

Well off to bed...... gotta get up early tomorrow, we are going to get going earlier in the day since it is so hot!



Ofilia said...

Ciao Roberto, Carlo, Andrea and Leah!
Okay, I know why you ladies have such big smiles.... but I want to know what happened to the bottom half of the "robe" picture?! Inquiring minds would like to see, I mean know ;>)!!



Deb said...

Fabulous photo's Andrea, I am really (& very wistfully) enjoying following your adventures.

And 'oh yeah' to what Ofilia said ;o)

Andrea Guarino-Slemmons said...

What happens in Murano stays in Murano!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love living vicariously through you Andrea! Someday, if I am lucky, I'll get to see Murano myself, until then keep posting pictures! Big hugs to you!!!

Donna Millard