Thursday, September 4, 2008

Awesome time!

Today was the first day of class! Everyone did just great. Leah started the class with a beautiful floral bead and in the afternoon I demoed a mothwing and a salmon egg.

These two photos were of a palace in Venice, check out the mosaic tile floor. The palace was built 1400's.

We walked through the garden district of Venice yesterday and this was another shrine that was on our walk. You see these all over the place. It was amazing to see so many gardens and trees here, I never expected to see that here......

After Venice we went back to Murano and visited a few glass blowing studios. These guys were making some very large twisted glass ribbon! They were at least 10' long, look at the guy at the top of the ladder that will give you and idea of the length, he was twisting the pipe while the man at the bottom held it.

This photo is for my sisters...... and any others that enjoy looking at a very handsome young Italian man!

Today after class we went over to Venice and Vittorio demonstrated 3 different pieces for everyone, a pelican, a fish and showing how he adds legs to a spider. Again, he is an incredible person. I can't say enough about him...... and his wife Graziella is just as great!

I thought that I would end tonight with a photo of the group that went out tonight and some gnocchi's that I had for dinner! I wanted to make sure you knew that not all of the food was weird! We have been trying to get gelato's everyday at least twice..... they are sooooo good! Good thing we are doing so much walking!

OH and on the way home we took the vaporetto that went the long way through Venice and before he got to Murano it just stopped! They told us we had to get off....... and then it started pouring..... none of us spoke Italian..... well that isn't totally true, Sylvie from Switzerland spoke some..... but anyways we couldn't figure out which vaporetto was still running this late to get us back to Murano so we just ended up getting a water taxi to take us back....... 100 Euros ($150.00) later we were home!!!!

And Anna I wish you were here with us!!!! We will definitely have to come back!

Ciao for now!!!!!!


one-eared pig said...

Come for the glass! Stay for the hot glassblower!

Thank you for sharing the great pictures!

nan16 said...

Looks like you had a terrific time. I'd love to go there someday. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Just a few notes:
!. I love the tile work, very inspiring.
!. The shrines just send me, can you get a postcard of some?
!. I like my italians dark, smoldering and a bit OLDER!

hahahahahahahaha, Lois