Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This was another magical place. Most of the buildings are painted very bright colors. Some friends picked us up in their boat at our apartment and brought us to the island that way. It was fun to see how the locals get around!

One of the brightly painted houses.

It was great being there in the evening when all of the tourists were gone. I think that this is probably a pretty typical scene around there. We loved how the locals would come out at night and all visit.

An interesting courtyard with all of the glass.

Tara was awesome! We loved having her around.

Leah, Derek, Tara (making one of her funny faces) and Leah's mom.

This is Maggie, our mother hen as she calls herself! She is wearing a heart that Leah and I made for her. I will have to show you some close ups of the heart when I find them! It is an off mandrel heart that I made and then handed it to Leah to decorate and then she handed it back to me to remove. It came out beautiful and Maggie was so touched by it.......

This is my dear friend Ilana. She is one of the best! I miss her terribly........

OK that's it for now.....



vonna said...

Happy Birthday - Andrea
WOW - what a place ~

Andrea Guarino-Slemmons said...

Hi Vonna! Thank you so much!

Happy Birthday to you too!

Burano is a magical place.... It is funny, we were in Murano, Burano and Surano! They were all magical places..... Maybe it is something to do with ano...... LOL