Thursday, September 18, 2008

Great Birthday!

What a great day I had! Whit surprised me with this heart and raven sculpture that I had seen in a local gallery before we left for Italy. Tomorrow we are going to work on some shelving in my studio to display it! Have to make it Towanda proof.... I have a lot of glass that I want to go on it as well!
Thanks Sweetie, I love it!!!

Kathy sent me this cool winged vase that she got from a gallery in Tucson. We were there together this last February and both bought one for ourselves and I was really thinking about getting this one as well......... so Kathy bought it and saved it for my birthday! What a great surprise...
Thanks Kathy!!!!

Don and Billie sent me this awesome dog necklace! Wayne Robbins is one of my favorite bead makers / glass artists!!!
Thanks Don and Billie

Isn't this mug just the coolest! Kinda scary but true! The Moore's gave it to me filled with chocolate along with some GOLD PMC, gold tubing and some new tools to play with! It is so nice to have such wonderful friends! Thanks Jim, Liz, Anna and Groves!!!!

Kathy also made this cool raven pendant for me! I told her that she needs to get busy and start making more! Kathy is also my friend that does the wonderful raven paintings that you have seen in my studio! I think that she needs to open up an Etsy store, what do you think?????

This is my birthday card from Anna ....... she is soooo talented! Anna also makes great glass beads, she has been selling them at our local farmer's market and totally sold out of them! Anna you need to come over and get busy and get some more made!
I love my card Anna, thank you so much!

OK so maybe tomorrow I will work on some of my Tuscany photos for you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea! I'm commenting! I have enjoyed your photography almost as much as I enjoy looking at your beads. The leaves pics are awesome.

Have a fabulous day.

Kendra Sanders

devon daisy said...

well, i'm jealous!!!! i love the birthday presents full of thoughtfulness. i was just thinking the other day. "gee wouldn't it be nice if today was my birthday"

xoxo, devon

marlenad said...

A bead maker, a teacher par excellance, a photographer, an animal lover, a hostess with the mostess, a cheerleader for her friends, you are the real deal and that's why we love you. I'm just sayin...
Marlene Newman