Monday, September 1, 2008


Flying from Amsterdam to Venice we flew over the Alps, what an incredible site. I would like to visit this area some day!

Now we are in Venice! We are actually staying at a hotel near the airport so we were pretty proud of ourselves that we figured out how to take the bus, and which one to take, to the water buses! Of course neither one of us speak any Italian and we haven't found many Italians that speak much English!

The Rialto bridge photo for Billie!

Shops on and near the bridge.

St. Mark's church

the pigeons!

A narrow walk way on our way to Vittorio's studio! Another thing that we were proud of finding!

A butterfly in the window of Vittorio's shop. It was great to see him again! Graziella, his wife wasn't there so again communication was a problem..... Oh how I wish I could speak Italian, I would love to be able to have a real conversation with him!!!

We are having a great time here. Tomorrow we will meet up with Leah and the students and all get settled into our apartments on Murano where we will be staying for a week. I will do my best to keep you posted on what we are up to.

Ciao for now!


charmsbylois said...

You had better whip out that Italian - English dictionary, bella! The pictures are great! Have fun! xo, Lois

Andrea Guarino-Slemmons said...

Hi Lois!!!!
I do have the dictionary! I even have one downloaded on my iphone...... seems I can't find the words fast enough! LOL

We are having so much fun, but I haven't seen any eye glass stores yet! I will keep checking for you!!!!

Hi to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Awesome; just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your trip with us! Love, juli