Sunday, March 11, 2012

Terri Caspary Schmidt is coming!!!!!

What an opportunity! June 23, 24
Mark your calendars!!

Terri is one of my all time favorite bead-makers!!

Dots, Lines &Tessellations

This workshop is for intermediate bead makers who would like to achieve more precision, symmetry and refinement in their work. For two days we will set aside all our fancy tools, powders, metals, and fumes and focus on fine tuning variations of basic and ancient techniques in surface design. The mastery of these skills will give you freedom to express more complex ideas in your work. This is old school bead making with an emphasis on slowing down, finding your rhythm, and honing the skills that will help you transform your ideas into reality. Using three simple tools and the power of your hand, eye and mind, you will take your bead making to a new level.

We will work on precise dot placement, dot shaping, optical color blending, pick-work, masking, stringer and micro-stringer techniques, as well as the use of negative space and line as key design elements. I’ll share with you my methods of shaping a base bead to achieve a good foundation for detailed surface work. You’ll learn some useful tricks with the 6-inch marver, and how precise heat control will enable you to manipulate the surface of your bead almost as you would clay. I’ll show you how to correct little errors in your work so you don’t have to plunge that 45-minute masterpiece in the water. Exercises will be technique oriented with lots of practice time and individual attention. We’ll have on-going discussions about inspiration and design. You’ll find that many interesting ideas can emerge from intense focus and repetition of basic techniques in lamp working.

$350.00 and of course lunch, drinks and snacks are included!

Terri is coming to my studio to teach a 2 day workshop! We have a couple spots available, email me for more details! This will be a small class of only 6 so lots of time for one on one!

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