Monday, October 6, 2008


Hi everyone! I am still teaching in Naperville, it is about an hours drive to Chicago from here. I am teaching 2 3-day classes. They are going great. Portia always spoils everyone in her classes!

We went to Chicago on Saturday and saw Dirty Dancing!! We liked it so much we bought tickets again to go on Tuesday night before I come home. I leave on Wednesday.

I am leaving you with a few photos from Chicago. Will be back soon...... I still have more photos from Italy to share!!!!!


Anonymous said...

"We likes it so much" ; ) The Midwest has rubbed off on you fast!

Love your photos of the "bean" .. reminds Elaina and me of our trip there in June. Chicago is so wonderful. Wicked was the best.. have you seen it?? "You'd likes it so much too" ; )

From your Ohio-cornfield-farmland family.. love, juli

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the flash from Chicago. I'm glad you're seeing Dirty Dancing twice...once for me. I could watch the movie every single time it comes on and never tire of it. How fun!

Anonymous said...

But, How did you get that great big shiny glass bead to Chicago?