Monday, October 13, 2008

Cats of Italy

This is Sean AKA as "catmandoo" of Sorano!!!

This is Isabella. She greeted us just like this on the roof near our front door of the villa!

If the windows were open at night she would jump from roof ledge to roof ledge and come in and sleep with my sisters!

She was also our guide on our hike to the waterfall!

These are some of our neighbors Sean and Emma's cats... We called Sean "catmandoo of Sorano"

We were told that this cat wasn't doing well.... and wasn't eating...... well I guess she liked our cooking because she ate up a storm of it!

Sorano cats

Sorano cat

Sorano mother and kitten

Sovana cat

Cats in Burano.......

I am still going through our photos so expect more soon!!!!!

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