Sunday, October 26, 2008

Beautiful Fall Day

Well today was a beautiful fall day here. There is so much color everywhere! We went for a hike with the Moore's and Anna and I started collecting leaves...... well you can see where we went from there! A little influence from Andy Goldsworthy...... just google his name and you can see a lot of his images! After doing the little arrangements we made we really appreciate all of the work he goes through for his installations!

We were working on an arrangement and this little guy decided he wanted to be part of it too!

I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as we did taking them!


Anonymous said...


I just kind of fell into your blog. These pictures are lovely--so colorful!

Andrea Guarino-Slemmons said...

Hi Lainey!
Thank you! It was truly an amazing day. Thanks for stopping by!

nan16 said...

Loved your pictures. Andy Goldsworthy is awesome! One of my favorite themes is leaves floating in the water and stitched together with their own stems. Another is the poppy petals in early morning, licked and stuck together. They lasted intil a breeze came along and dried them. Pictures of these are in "Hand to Earth". I appreciate your mentioning him, he really is one of my very favorite artists.

Kristi said...

awwwww!! That little frog is so cute! You take the best pictures!! I'm so glad you share them with us!! :D

The color wheels are cool too ;)

marlenad said...

You are an extremely gifted glass artist, photographer, and hostess as well as an animal lover and generous friend. Your fan, Marlena D

devon daisy said...

that's what i call some real leaf peeping.