Saturday, February 18, 2012


A beautiful "sun break" today!

Creatively working away in my studio today and much to my surprise I look up and see sunshine!

I am having a great time in my studio already looking forward to making new jewelry and beads for The Whole Bead Show in Seattle! This is a new venue for them and sure to be another great show! Nicole Valentine, Jeff Barber, Laura Lutrick and Sarah from Aloha Beads (she has amazing vintage buttons) just to name a few! And then there is Ava with all of her beautiful chain, findings and beads. I can't wait to spend time with these awesome people and visit with many of you!

Tomorrow...... looking forward to another wonderful day in the studio.... what's up in your world?


Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

Looking forward to Seattle too, do they have a PF Changs there?

Andrea Guarino-Slemmons said...

Yes they do actually! I still have 3 coupons for us to use!!!!