Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanks Anne...

Anne, Nicole and I had a great day at Ikea.... love, love, love that place!

Bought some new cabinets, bookshelves and a butcher block rolling table for the studio. My studio will be all organized and ready for me to get back to work as soon as my hand heals up!

Anne happily assembling the cases for me.... Thanks again..... so very much!

This is one of the cases that will soon be replaced... hopefully Monday it will be done.

We start getting things ready for our big Thanksgiving dinner that we have every year the Sunday before Thanksgiving so I am sure that will keep us busy till then..... well that and the snow that I hope we get this weekend!

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perlaperla said...

Waah! Unbelieveable.... IKEA America looks exactly the same as IKEA Switzerland.... *lol* Today I was there too! Do they also sell Köttbüllar in America?

Hugs from Switzerland