Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Awesome Silver Stamps!

Jim Moore stopped by today to drop off these great new stamps for texturing silver! He made them special for me for my upcoming Masters Class at Bead and Button. We will be using these to texture our silver bead caps. These are a one time thing for him.... not something he wants to get into making. Each one is one of a kind all made by hand! He made them as a favor to me. I will be selling some of them at the show. Of course the students will have the first chance at them and then I will bring them to meet the teachers night ... and if any are left I will have them at my booth (#10).

Today was a day of packing! I was hoping to be done by noon.... but didn't quite make it! 2 boxes left for Milwaukee today and 3 more are packed and ready to go to be shipped out later in the week. I have 1 more box of powders to pack up and then the packing part is done! I believe that this is the most stressful part of getting ready for a show.... very happy to be done with this! Now I can concentrate the rest of my time on creating more glass beads and silver bracelets and earrings!

Off to relax a bit..... have a great night!


Barbara Collins said...

One each please! See you soon.

Anonymous said...

iiiiiii like it ;)

Sue said...

Andrea, if any survive the shoppers of B&B I love to buy a few. Unfortunately I can't go to the show. Thanks, Sue