Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun in England

What a great time I had teaching in England. This was a very fun group of students that are very good bead makers! There was lots of laughter which always makes the classes fun. Made many new friends that I hope to see again!

This is my view from the bed and breakfast I stayed at in the historic dockyards in Chatham. A wonderful place to stay with amazing breakfasts! If you ever need a recommendation for a place to stay just let me know.

I have arrived safe and sound in Switzerland. It is so beautiful here... very green and clean. I plan on heading into Zurich today to do some sight seeing and shopping of course. I am looking for a new watch, and of course I NEED some chocolates! I may even look for some cool glass frames since it is unfortunately getting close to the time of needing them, figure I might as well have some cool ones!
I will post more photos later, have a great day my friends!


Unknown said...

I had such a great time and it was fab to meet you too. Bet you didn't sleep between your meal with Annelyse and being picked up for the airport ;>) Hope to see you again soon.

flameforcefive said...

Hey Andrea - hope you're having fun in Switzerland. Have you found any more sticky toffee pudding yet?

kathyd said...

the glass frames there are the best.
we have nothing like that here.
buy some cool frames !!!!

N Valentine Studio said...

Frames as in glasses? hummmmm??

Andrea Guarino-Slemmons said...

Sarah I actually did sleep a bit! I had an awesome time with you guys!
Haven't found any more sticky toffee pudding yet, but have managed to find lots of chocolates!
Kathy and Nicole I am going shopping again today.... May just come home with some. But I also found out about a place in Belgium to order some really cool ones...