Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Happiness is a new pair of Keen shoes!!!
It is pretty much tradition for me to get a new pair of shoes before heading off to a show... I love these!!!!

I fly out Thursday and have a little bit of work to do on Friday morning then off to enjoy myself. I am looking forward to walking around downtown Milwaukee and checking out the gallery scene, in my new shoes of course! Class with Tim McCreight starts on Sunday and goes thru Tuesday... then a big dinner banquet at the Milwaukee Market (an awesome place to go to by the way) on Tuesday night. 
Then I have Wednesday off till the evening before I set up to sell at meet the teachers .... this is an amazing event! The whole show is an amazing event actually, but Meet the Teachers is probably my favorite part. So much energy buzzing in the place. Then on Thursday the vendors will be setting up for the preview night. I will be helping a few friends set up. I am really looking forward to participating as a spectator for once! 

If you get a chance stop by and say hi at Meet the Teachers! Looking forward to seeing so many of my friends, sharing lots of laughter and making new friends along the way.... See you soon!

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