Friday, July 23, 2010


Felt great to be in the studio again for a full day!

My sister and some friends have been here all week and we have had a great time playing in the studio. I am looking forward to working all next week in the studio as well! I have been having a few problems that have kept me out of the studio lately.... you can read about that below the photos.

These rings were made with 2mm thickness silver strip. I like the heaviness to the ring. I have had several requests from my customers for rings to match their bracelets and pendants. So here are the first cup rings so far.

The plain band has a message stamped inside of it that reads "i love whit"! Something about having that on the inside makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.... silly but true.

I was extremely happy with the patina on all of the rings... but especially the 3 cup one.

Let me know what you think of the rings and offer up any ideas you may have for other rings!

Have a great weekend!

I had been having a lot of problems with my left hand lately and finally went to my hand specialist. He gave me a second shot of cortisone in my thumb. At the moment I am pain free and should be for a few more months. Monday I am getting fitted for a custom hand brace that will help me when I need some extra support. I am scheduled to have carpal tunnel and joint replacement surgery (arthroplasty) in October. In the latter procedure the surgeon removes the affected joint and replaces it with a graft from one of my tendons. I had the same procedure done to my right hand and now it is good as new... soon the left will be the same. Not looking forward to the months of recovery but know that in the long run it will totally be worth it.


Bobbie Pene said...

Those rings are gorgeous! Rings are my favourite accessory, especially one's with a bit of chunk to them. I hope you get as much pain free use of your hand as you can before your surgery :)

Third Eye Gypsy said...


The rings are so amazingly beautiful! I love the color, design, and I bet they make a lovely tinkle sound!

How sweet of you to put "sweet nothings" of your hubby in your ring <3

Will you be offering these in your shop?

Good luck with your surgery. Have you thought about seeing a chiropractor? I love mine. He fixes me up all the time. They can move around bones all over your body. Mine worked my elbow back into place from lampworking!

Take care.

Much love,


isi merkel said...

uh - not nice with the pain in your hand!
I#m really sorry that you have to go through it all again.
wish all of the bestest luck for it andrea.
keep save.

hugs, isi

Barbara Collins said...

Good Morning. I love the rings. HUGS to you and Whit.

Wendy said...

Love those rings! Your work is fabulous!
I have had a cortisone shot in the wrist for carpal tunnel. The doc told me it was going to hurt and my only reaction was "not really"...I face carpel tunnel surgery in the future but that shot has kept it away! Surgery is the only way to go with this. Remember to rest those hands!

perlaperla said...

Wow, a nice idea to make some rings whit that cup design! If you ever have one with 20mm ID just let me know ;-)


Anonymous said...

hey andrea ;)
so cute idea, i love the symbols inside the rings and the luster in your tiny cups ;)
warm hugs . . .

Libby Leuchtman said...

SWEETTTT. Love em. Wish you were going to the Gathering..

Samma said...

OHMYGOSH...Andrea! I LOVE the rings. The patinas just glow. YUM YUM! ;-D Samma

N Valentine Studio said...

I love them! You get the most amazing patina!

Andrea Guarino-Slemmons said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words! I plan on having these rings and other silver work available in my etsy store when I return from Australia!

Libby wish I was going to see you!! Have fun!!!

Barbara hugs right back atcha!

Wendy so far the cortisone shot is doing wonders! I was fitted for a brace today and it also helps a lot!

Angela I will make you one when I get back!

Hi Guido!!!! Thanks!

Hi Samma..... Thank you!

Nicole.... come over here and play will ya!