Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beautiful Day

I am going to try and get better about posting on my blog. Try and keep you up to date with what's going on in my bead and silversmithing world.

For today a nice photo from the deck. Going to eat some breakfast and then off to the studio to get it all ready for Nicole's visit this coming week! I am hoping for a very productive week with glass and silver. Will keep you updated, I promise!!

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utah computer repair said...

So beautiful. Those picutres help me realize how great it would have been ot be there!

Janet said...

I saw a show on the Travel Channel, can't remember the title but it was a series about rock, minerals, old bottles, other treasures etc. Anyway they did an episode about a place near San Fran that was across the river from an old glass factory. You had to climb down quite a large cliff and the "sea glass" was amazing! Your post reminded me of this. Your photos are excellent. Thanks for sharing.