Thursday, June 11, 2009

Saying goodbye.....

Well I am off...... Towanda was in the window waving goodbye to us....

Whit is already taking excellent care of her with fresh picked catnip and cat mint! 

I will miss both of them terribly! I am sure that I will be coming to look at this post often on my trip!


charmsbylois said...

What window was Towanda in that is edged in blue paint? She couldn't get outside? Have a fun trip - I will miss you! xo, Lois

annemarie said...

dear andrea

the cat is so cute and i`m sure she`ll miss you too:-)
have a nice trip in hamburg, amsterdam ...

best regards

( english....:-))) )

Angela Liane Wagner said...

Dear Andrea,

hope you are back well and you have enjoy the fabulouss trip.
Next class at Hamburg I will be healthy, to see you again.

Friendly regards,