Thursday, December 4, 2008

Interesting............ Test

Whit bought a new small Samsung NC10 computer to take on trips and he also needed a non apple computer to work some of his stock stuff.
I am such an Apple person! Sooooooooooo it has taken me a while to try and get the hang of this one! It would be nice to be able to take it on trips instead of my expensive big Macbook. This computer is smaller than a sheet of paper and only weighs 2 pounds! Look at the photo comparison. I so wish that Apple will soon make a smaller, cheaper laptop!!!! This has been a real challenge to get this far! Now lets see if this loads........

I am going out of town next week and will try taking this computer along and see how I do with it! Anyone have one of these computers or one similar that you would like to share experiences with?

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Yee said...

Hi Andrea! We got a Lenovo S10 (similar in size to what Whit got) just before our trip out to Port Townsend. It's super compact and ultra portable. The only thing that I haven't gotten used to is the size of the keyboard - due to its size some of the keys are in unconventional places. Makes for interesting typing.

I love it for pure portability though.

Have you considered one of the MacBook Air laptops? They're marginally bigger but I think more functional because of their larger size :) Of course, it's a Mac so that helps!

Otherwise Dell has recently come up with a 12" mini laptop which is one step up from their ultra mini 9".

Let us know what you decide!